Belly of an Architect (2007)
Exquisite composition with a dazzling palette of colors: bright greens, reds, and blues bathing that which is youthful, fertile, and virile. In contrast, the ancient past is pale orange, and the psychological angst and foreboding of the aging middle-aged architect is a subtle pale green, the color of vomit. These colors permeate the movie, creating a visual tapestry that, combined with the architectural framing of each scene, is pure visual poetry. My favorite scene, although there are many to choose from, is when the architect is taking a bath while the young wife is in the outer room. Initially the bathtub is a neutral white while the outer room containing the wife is bathed in red light. As the scene progresses and the wife reveals that she is pregnant, the bathtub gradually becomes enveloped in pale green.

Perhaps you have to be a "middle-aged-plus" male to fully appreciate the psychological underpinnings of this movie, but I gave it a rating of 4 stars.

Ron Boothe