Born into Brothels (2004)

Sharp contrast between this documentary and the documentary, Stevie, we watched last month. After watching Stevie I felt like I should go wash my hands or something; similar to the feelings evoked by watching some daytime television shows in which vulnerable people are exploited for the amusement of the viewers.

Born into Brothels left me with the opposite feeling. The subjects of this documentary were treated with respect and dignity, and the overall feeling at the end was inspiring and uplifting. The individual children’s hopes and dreams were allowed to shine through despite the squalor of their surroundings. Furthermore, the film’s overall positive message of hope transcended the (rather bleak) lives of the individual children. I recommend this as a good movie to watch in troubled times; the kind of film that can help strengthen/restore one's faith in humanity

I gave this movie a rating of 4 stars
Ron Boothe