What I got most out of this movie is that we all have power to influence our surroundings. We can be like Thomas and use the power to manipulapte townspeople into behaving the way we want them too. Or, we can be like Grace and have not use our power, because we want to be wanted, and accepted. But, as the saying goes power corrupts, even if you donít use it.

At the beginning of the movie we discovered that the town of Dogville had separated itself from the rest of the world. The town had no television no radio, no priest, and no visitors. The townspeople all had flaws, and everyone in the town knew each fault, but the world did not. Thomas used his knowledge of the townspeople to manipulate them. He attempted to teach townspeople his version of morality, and that was his biggest flaw. He saw it as his duty to minister to the town. Only his teachings werenítí of any religion, instead, he created and wielded his ideas and desires though illustrations in attempt to teach the town. The townspeople let him, as they would a person of god

When Grace entered the town, she had power, the power of a mobsterís daughter. She chose not to use it. Instead she gave her power over to the people of the town, and especially to Thomas, she allowed the town to determine her fate. And the town happily took advantage of her meekness.

As the movie continued Grace suffered intolerable humiliation. She was raped, abused, and broken down. With Grace nearly destroyed, Thomas and the town grew stronger and more demanding. They eventually began to blame Grace for the townsí immoral atmosphere instead of looking at themselves and their actions. And by the time, Graces' father showed up, she had had enough of being meek.

Grace used her power to destroy the town that attempted to destroy her.

(There has been a lot of talk about the ending credits for this movie. I donít view the credits as an Against America Theme. What I saw in the pictures of the old, poor, and down trodden were people who choose not to use the power that each one of us has to affect our circumstances.) I really enjoyed this movie.

I gave this movie a rating of 4 stars.
Anita Reeves