This movie left me with an empty feeling for two reasons. The first was technical. The dialogue is reminiscent of a stage play. However, the movie is full of special effects and is edited with complicated dissolves and cuts. I found this juxtaposition of styles to be incompatible. Second, in terms of content, I really do not have much interest in listening to (even fictionalized) attempts by Hitler to explain/rationalize his behavior. It was not clear to me if the scenes were supposed to be playing out in purgatory or were the delusional mental state of Hitler in his bunker in the last hours of his life. Either way, I seriously doubt he expressed any particular angst over his actions as portrayed at the end of the movie. I suspect he was cowering in the corner terrified about what was going to happen to him next, the final state of most vicious bullies when they are finally caught.
I gave this movie a rating of 2

Ron Boothe