Maybe I was just in the wrong state of mind the night I watched this movie. I found it to be, at best, a slickly done, Hollywood style, grade B movie. Morgan Freeman repeated his Shawshank Redemption style narration: I agree he does that very well. The difference is that if you listen to the dialogue in Shawshank Redemption, the substance of the ideas expressed matches the eloquence of the style with which they were delivered. I found most of the dialogue in Million Dollar Baby to be insipid. My recommendation if you want to see a good boxing movie is to check out Raging Bull; If you want to be mesmerized by Morgan Freemanís narration in a good movie, check out Shawshank Redemption; If you want to watch a good Clint Eastwood Movie, try Mystic River; If you want to watch a powerful movie that addresses substantive issues about euthanasia with realistic and substantive dialogue, see The Sea Inside; On the other hand, if you feel that for some reason you just have to have a fix of a Hollywood style movie that combines slick form with vacuous substance, perhaps this Million Dollar Baby is for you.

I gave this movie a rating of 2 stars
Ron Boothe