Review of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

I loved this film, and despite the myriad distractions surrounding me in my chaotic home life, its magic stayed with me for days. While the technical details, for better or worse, may have escaped me, the film moved me deeply on emotional and spiritual levels.

Though the eponymous wild parrots were ostensibly the subject of the film, it was really more about the flock's shy shepherd, Mark Bitner. His story was ultimately about connecting: to self, to wildness, to human beings, to a sense of place. Over the years, as Mark's devotion to the wild parrots took over his life, at times it must have seemed like a journey to nowhere. But in the end the birds lifted him out of the ordinary and into rarefied air. This beautiful film is a reminder that if you listen to your heart and follow your spirit wherever it may lead, good things will ultimately happen. In the end, Mark's commitment to the wild birds lifted him out of oblivion and into blissful union.

I loved the visuals in this film, especially the shot of the parrots flying free against the backdrop of military jets. I also thought it ended especially well. There were heart-rending moments in Mark's poignant stories about the deaths of two beloved parrots. But every end is a beginning, and the final chapter of Mark's life with the birds marked the start of a happy new chapter in his life with a human soul mate.

Submitted by Cherry Jensen